The Language of Creative Expression

I made a shift seven years ago that was huge both in terms of my art and my soul.  I decided to shift from creating quilts from patterns and begin the process of designing my own work.  It has and is an ongoing process because there is so much to learn.  Every step of the way has been incredible and as I progress in telling my story I become more grounded in my art.

The gift of creative expression is its capacity to provide a new language for us to speak.  We have the opportunity to reach people around the globe whether or not we speak their spoken language because creative expression is universal.  Being part of a consciousness shift that unites each and every being instead of engaging in divisive activities is rewarding and soothes my soul.

The truth about the great shift has been that I live a life that is more vulnerable because what you see on the cloth is me.  What you witness when you see my work is not a superficial representation of my life, but my actual life and the questions I’m pondering at any given time.  It’s like I’m creating universal billboard but not for advertising, but to keep myself from being anonymous in the world.  My art speaks volumes and provides a sacred space for me to speak even when I don’t have the words.

I hope you’ll share this journey with me and share you own experiences because we need more universal voices in the world.  I wish you creativity and a loud voice.


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