Want to Join?

I look around the studio and see lots of pointy things; scissors, pins, and needles for hand sewing and machine sewing.  Each of these tools has the opportunity to pierce through the cloth and it does one of two things; either separates the fabric or is used to bring it together.  When we use tools like scissors to separate we engage in the basic premise of quilting, taking small pieces of cloth and turning them into larger pieces.  The other tools we use to bring the layers together to create the whole.  It’s two side of the same coin.

The end result of this process is a new blank slate upon which to create great works of art.  The art of joining by using needles and pins shows us that we can join anything together.  There are no right and wrong ways to combine things because you are the creator and the creator never gets it wrong.

The act of joining is about creating unity.  Whether you create a whole cloth piece, or you create a new piece of fabric by combining all the others, you are gifted with a starting point in your creative process.  Bringing things together whether it’s pieces of fabric or multiple layers of paint on fabric is joyous and punctuates the important of unity.

The ability to create unity in the work, not only on the one piece but amongst a body of work continues the theme of joining.  It allows you to expand what’s possible and that’s one of the greatest gifts that art can bring to your life.

Whether you are a traditional quilter or an art quilter or a textile artist, bringing things together to create unity is a gift and will inspire the soul.


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