What Goes On Around You Goes On In You

I’m a fan of Carl Jung.  When I went to graduate school to become a psychotherapist I wasn’t attracted to Freud, but those who came from his lineage created a spark.  Jung was and is one of my favorites because he took into account the inner world as it related through story and the archetypes.  I find his dream work exciting and fresh while hitting home. 

I heard of a book written years ago, written from a Jungian perspective, that reflected on the connection between your home environment and your inner world.  At first I didn’t believe it but as years pass I find it to be more relevant.  The last few weeks have been kind of crazy while I juggle work, school and art.  My studio has been a mess, my office could stand to be neatened up and my art has been a bit disjointed.  I had to stop and take a moment to begin the process of decluttering my thoughts and see what actions would follow.

What I noticed yesterday was that once I sat in the confusion I felt the discomfort.  I began to put things in their place, discard what I didn’t need and made a personal commitment to get some pieces done.  The unfinished pieces (all I need is binding) is reflective of other things I’ve left undone and that has to change. 

It’s important to look around your surroundings and figure out what your environment is reflecting back to you.  You are being sent subtle message through your surroundings, the question is how loud do you need the message to be?  Take a look at your studio, at your art as I’ve been doing and ask what’s the next step?  What questions are your trying to answer? When you get a glimpse of an answer take it one step further and take action.  It’s like talking back to your subconscious.


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