Gotta Say It!

Sometimes it’s difficult to contain myself when I have something to say.  Fortunately I have found a way to express myself without words.  Why would I want to do that?  I’ve found that there are times when what I have to say is really about my own personal process and this allows me to keep it to myself.  When someone sees the piece after it’s completed they can project their own attributes on the work and I can either confirm or deny their interpretation as I see fit.

Over the past two weeks I’ve been inundated with images that seem to keep intersecting.  One of the experiential art moments with one of my clients gave me a visual cue, a book I’m reading gave me an intellectual view, and a song I heard gave me an auditory cue.  Bringing them together in a new piece I started today.  Obviously it’s something that I have to get out because I have four other pieces started, but it’s this piece that is driving me to finish. 

I know we all have those moments and that’s why the studio is such an important part of my creative journey.  Having that sanctuary gives me the freedom to explore my inner and outer worlds through shape, color and texture.  I can change my mind at any time and allow the experience to rush over me like a wave at the beach.  It’s a glorious feeling to feel that much freedom in a world that is filled with constraints and obligations.  My studio time is my flight of fancy!


One thought on “Gotta Say It!

  1. My studio is my sanctuary also. It is the one place where I can freely express who I am. So glad to read your words. Arlijohn

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