I shared my experience creating a story bough with Osprey Orielle Lake, www.ospreyoriellelake.com, so now I want to share one of the elements and the impressions it left on me.  On the first day of element exploration we focused on sun/fire.  I live in one of the sunniest cities in America (yes, you heard it here, Denver gets 300 days of sun a year) so the sun is very important to me.  It provides warmth and lights the world.  It’s amazing how important a fiery ball of gas can be on our existence.  It’s also amazing how much damage it can do, not intentionally but as a result of global warming and a thinner atmosphere. (I’ll save that for another share)

So for a moment, sit back and think about fire.  When I thought about fire/sun I immediately thought of the sunrise and the hope it brings.  The fact that I can witness a sunrise and know that I have another day of life is incredible.  The colors at sunrise are phenomenal and inspiring.  When I got home from the intensive I thought about the idea of color and heat.  I was unpacking my suitcase and started to laugh because most of the t-shirts I wore were either orange or red.  I looked in my t-shirt draw and found even more heat colored t-shirts so I guess I’m drawn to the sun and representations of the sun.

Let’s take this to the next step and think about art.  As I surveyed my studio and the group of my newest work I found a concentration of these “heat” representational colors.  It drew me in and I started meditating on why this might be so and then I got my A-Ha.  When I went to the acupuncturist for my auto-immune disease he told me my blood was hot.  Many of the clients I work with experience fever during their illness.   The cancer patients I support discuss the burns from radiation therapy and the list goes on and on.  It wasn’t like I set out to create work related to fire, but it shows up in our lives in many forms, both internally and externally. 

I’m pretty sure I’ll continue on this path for a while so who knows what else will emerge.


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