I’m back for another episode of “Working with the elements”.  When creating the story bough we spent one afternoon on water.  Water happens to be my favorite elements, afterall I’m a Cancer.  I’ve always loved the water.  All my favorite memories involve water and I love being in and near the water. 

We were across the street from Lake Merritt in Oakland.  It’s the only salt water lake in the United States, pretty amazing.  The question posed to us by Osprey Orielle Lake was “What gifts does the lake/water offer to you?”  This was a great question because the obvious was peace of mind.  There’s something musical and magical about how water moves, how the light shines on the surface, and the mystery of what’s below the surface.  I needed to take this question a step further.

When we reconvened in our circle the gift offered by the lake was simple and clear.  It offered movement and mystery.  It offered beauty and a source of life for the birds and fish.  The lake itself was fairly large and it gave me room to play, but still had definitive boundaries that were in my line of sight.  So how does this translate to my own art?

I came home and began working in my studio and realized that I wasn’t creating textile art that could be never-ending simply by adding more pieces.  I was starting with a piece of PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabric of a certain size.  It had boundaries just like the lake had boundaries.  I am free to create and play within those boundaries, but the tension of the boundaries plays midwife to my creative energy. 

It’s amazing how the symbolic life can manifest into creative explosions.  Having the ability and opportunity to create with the elements as a springboard brings me closer to my core, my core which is connected to nature.

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