Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The mirror is a miraculous invention.  The mirror allows us to see our unique features reflected back to us to behold.  Why do we look in mirrors?  Vanity is really the only reason to look in a mirror.  It’s that last look to make sure we are presentable to the world because that’s when the judging begins…or did it begin even before you looked in the mirror?

The amazing thing about creating art is that it too is a mirror.  It’s a mirror that reflects back to us images of complexity.  It reflects back to us our core messages to the world.  Our art reflects back to us and shares with the world what we look like in another dimension…the soul dimension.

Artists that concentrate on creating pretty works of art probably don’t have this experience.  When I finish a piece of art I’m usually amazed at the final product, but more amazed at the journey it took to get to this final state.  What I see when I create is my process; that part of me that focuses on the journey not the destination.  I guess that’s why, at times, I’m surprised at how the finished piece looks because I was in a soul state and that is ever changing.

What do you see when you look at your art?  Is there a message you’re hoping to share with the world?  I guess the bigger question is, “Is there a message that’s been at your core waiting to emerge and this is it?”  I know that my art gets stronger as my commitments to myself and my values get stronger.  I experience a greater sense of accomplishment when I stand before a piece and even though I created it, I see new things. 

I love creating art because it opens me up to new experiences in a safe and protected sacred space, the studio.  It gives me permission to craft my message in a way that others are more likely to hear it and then respond.  I don’t expect them to agree, but I do hope it will strike a moment in them where they can pause and have their own a-ha moment.  What has been one of your a-ha moments related to your art?


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