Winter Feast for the Soul

I was on Facebook last week and noticed a friend of mine from school (Wisdom University, had signed up for the Winter Feast for the Soul.  Obviously the name alone caught my attention so I decided to follow the link and see what journey my friend was sharing with me.  I found that the Winter Feast for the Soul,, is people around the world engaging in 40 minutes of spiritual practice for 40 days.  It started today.

Leading up to today I was wondering what practice I would engage in that would connect me more deeply to my breath and my wish for inner peace and understanding.  I knew it had to be something related to my art so I searched through my studio and have brainstormed ideas for the start of this 40 day pilgrimage.  Last night I had decided to take small pieces of blank cloth and stitch on them with no pattern, no destination, and no desired outcome. 

This morning when I walked in my studio I saw this piece of cloth that I had traced a design on over six  months ago, just sitting there.  I made the decision, in that moment, to take that cloth and my embroidery floss and together they would create the map for my spiritual journey for the next forty days.  I hope you’ll follow me and ask yourself how your art fills any spiritual void you may be experiencing in these trying times.

Blessings to you…


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