Day Two: Silence

I’m one of those people who likes background noise.  I put the radio on the moment I get in the car.  I usually have the stereo on while I’m working both at my job and in my art studio.  I work at home so I’m silent a good part of the day, by circumstance not by design.  Today as I approached my sacred space I decided to do the practice in silence.

As I sat and began stitching the first thing I noticed was the sound of the fabric crinkling.  When I would scrunch it up to get to a specific place on the cloth is would make a rustling sound.  Next I was surprised by the way the thread sounds when it is pulled through the fabric.  The chafing, scratchy sound of the cotton passing through cotton.  Remember the embroidery floss is going through three layers of cotton to get to the other side (doesn’t the chicken wish it had it so easy).

Sitting at the table I felt more alert.  I had an increased sense of my surroundings; even the dogs kept silent during the entire practice period (they were meditating).  There’s a definite difference when the silence is by choice then circumstance.  It doesn’t seem painful or fabricated; it just seems quiet.

Blessings to you…


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