Day Three: Flip Flop

It’s difficult to expect what the practice period might be like on any given day.  One of the best parts of this type of practice is having a preconceived idea of what the day might be like and see it disintegrate before my eyes, or in my case before my hands.  Today was definitely one of those days.  I had planned out everything I wanted to say in this step on the journey and then much to my surprise things changed in an instant.

Who knows if I’ll ever get back to the ideas I had walking in to start my practice, but today it’s all about the flip-flop.  As I mentioned I decided to hand stitch a piece of cloth without an end result.  It’s intention wasn’t to become a great piece of art but a canvas upon which to engage in my practice.  The piece of cloth was originally going to be 12 x 12 and what a surprise when I selected the piece that too had changed.  The piece is 20″w x 44″ long. 

Why is the size important to share?  Because it’s the reason that I had to explore the flip-flop issue.  I was stitching in the middle of the cloth when I had to flip the piece to reach a corner.  Then I’d have to flop the piece in its original direction to reach another part of the work.  So I started to think, “What is it that I’m flip-flopping about in my life?”

That question will be the springboard for what transpires in my waking life.  It’s a great question cause I know  a couple of issues that rise to the surface when I ask myself that question.  The real trick today will be to stay in the question.  I want to try to not come up with gut response, but allow myself to experience what the day brings.

Blessings to you…


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