Day Five: Looking Up

My studio is where I engage in my spiritual practice.  As I entered the room this morning I was particularly aware of the cold room.  The room faces north so the sun doesn’t get there till later in the day.  I sat down to begin my practice and within the first 10 seconds I had a topic I wanted to explore for the day.  I didn’t rush the idea, but just allowed the practice period to continue and then when I least expected it another experience presented me with what my focus was really supposed to be for the day.

I was getting a new piece of embroidery floss from the card and it’s made up of six strands.  I separate the floss into two- three stand pieces.  I was lifting the piece of thread to separate the pieces and realized I was making an offering.  I was holding up the floss way above my head toward the heavens and creating two out of one.  Not only was I making the offering to the heavens, but I noticed I was using a sky blue floss, allowing the sky blue floss  to reach toward the sky.

Giving myself the freedom, permission, and openness to not hold on so tightly to an idea is freeing.  It allows the true questions to emerge and that’s the part of my practice that makes it holy.

Blessings to you…

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