Day Six: Shortcuts Cost

I remember when I began my life as a consumer my parents saying, “Cheap costs twice as much.”   It took me a long time to understand what that meant, but as I became an educated consumer I understood not only the meaning of the phrase, but its impact on my decisions and my life.  So why doesn’t that idea apply to everything? 

I started my practice period and as I began stitching I noticed that certain areas of the fabric were more difficult to stitch.  The needle met more resistance, I had to push harder, and the enjoyment in that stitch decreased.  Then I would return to easy stitching and once again the difficult patch would arise.  What was different about this particular area of the fabric?

It dawned on me that when I was layering the three layers of the quilt instead of applying the fixative I generally use to hold the layers together I had used a substitute.  I used Wonder Under which I use to adhere applique pieces in small spaces.  I had used it to hold the three layers together and now I was paying the price.

Was it really worth cutting corners?  Where else do I cut corners in my life?  I’ll spend the day thinking about shortcuts and how much they cost.  I’ll begin to examine the benefits and joy of taking the time to execute my plans with the best tools, best intentions, and best efforts.  I believe the payoff will be huge in all areas of my life.

Blessings to you…


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