Winter Feast For the Soul: Day 7

As I settle into my practice space I begin the stitching process and just allow my eyes to follow my hands.  The fact that the brain can send messages to the hands; together they dance allowing the thread to glide through the fabric.  That’s the obvious part of this morning’s practice, so what’s the unexpected?

We all know that most if not all meditation practice involves the breath.  Let’s face it, without the breath none of this would be happening.  It’s something I don’t take for granted because I’m an asthmatic, so breath is always in the foreground of my life. 

As I was sitting at the table stitching I noticed I would occasionally hold my breath as I turned the corner on fabric.  I would hold my breath as if I could control the outcome if I didn’t breathe.  It reminded me of my days bowling when I would hold my breath as the ball flew down the alley with me believing that if I held my breath maybe more pins would go down.  I know it’s ridiculous, but magical thinking is just that…magical.

Noticing my arrested breath, I began to take note of my breath and I found that when I breathed regularly the stitching was easier.  The brain/hand coordination was more natural.  The needle had an easier time penetrating the three layers of fabric.  I was more relaxed and more joyful in the moment, so breathing is good.

Maybe we should all have one of those monitors, like those used by sleep apnea patients, that would alert us to times when we stop breathing.  I believe, at least for me, that my days, my actions, and my devotion would be greatly enhanced.

Blessings to you…

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