Winter Feast for the Soul: Day 8

On every journey there is a starting point and a destination or end point.  Our modern technology allows us to enter two locations and we’ll be given a map leading us from Point A to Point B.  In addition to the directions we’ll be told the miles and about how long it will take us to make the journey.  Wouldn’t it be nice if everything in life were that way?

As I entered the studio, my sanctuary, I discarded anything and everything that would keep me from being present and sat down to begin the day’s journey.  As I work on the piece I realize that this isn’t a rush to the finish line, but more of a meandering down the fabric.  The piece will be stitched in the time it is supposed to be stitched. 

I like to have music without words playing during my practice period.  I’ve always loved music and the two art forms seem to blend well together.  While stitching I’ll re-thread my needle as necessary and begin at a new point each time as I work to cover the fabric with stitching.  Without being conscious I realized that each day I’ve selected an arbitrary point to stop my daily practice. 

Today I happened to look at the iTunes counter and noticed that I had just completed 40 minutes.  I didn’t have a timer.  There wasn’t any external means of determining time.  My natural rhythm and internal clock are able to tell time just by being present.  I’m not getting caught up in clock watching, but my body knows naturally when the practice period is done and it selects the stopping point for the day.

The magic of being in alignment.

Blessings to you…


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