Winter Feast for the Soul: Day 9

Do you believe in free will?  Even if you’re engaged in rituals for your spiritual practice how much wiggle room do you have?  Is everything a definite or is space for your own interpretation and originality?  It’s like walking down the street, you have the sidewalk or trail as your container but aren’t you free to do whatever you wish along that path?

I was thinking about this today as I was stitching my sacred cloth.  There is an outline I’m following but I have various options.  I can select the type and color thread I want to use on the piece.  I can determine the interval of the stitches and the length of the stitch while simultaneously following a path.  Does this demonstrate freedom?

As I work on the piece I believe the container allows me to be free in the moment.  Too many times when I’m given an unending list of choices, ultimate freedom, I become overwhelmed.  The container gives me the knowledge that I can be free and express myself without worrying about wandering off into the wilderness never to be heard from again…in the figurative sense.

What this boils down to is my own determination that a container is necessary in order to expand.  The glorious part of freedom is that when I believe I have expanded to the outer most of limits of the current container I can construct a bigger container always allowing for growth.  That to me is a gift.

Blessings to you…


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