Winter Feast for the Soul: Day 10

The best laid plans often get derailed.  In hopes of allowing my partner to sleep in this morning I decided to get up with the dogs; they can be very insistent.  I fed them and they settled down.  Once they were settled I gathered my materials and sat down at the table to begin my practice.  I had all the necessary components for a focused and peaceful practice period, but the dogs had other plans; their own plans.

As I was stitching my older dog decided she wanted to go out.  It wasn’t 40 seconds later that my younger dog decided to join the outdoor party.  Then the cats needed water.  Once all their physical needs were met they did in fact go back to sleep and I could return to my practice period.

The experience punctuated one crucial point about my practice; my studio truly is a sanctuary.  I’m not simply talking about a place that is pleasurable as many spas are referred to as a sanctuary, but as a sanctuary, a place of quiet that for me is dedicated to creation.

The studio isn’t only about creating beautiful works of art, but creating a mind-set.  It’s a place where I can create any life I want.  The studio as sanctuary affords me the opportunity to listen without interruption (of course I can interrupt myself) and allow the time alone to be a gift with as few responsibilities as humanly possible.

This isn’t the first time I’ve realized that the studio is a sanctuary, but it is in this time that I allowed its holiness to be in the foreground of the practice.  It just keeps getting better and better.

Blessings to you…


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