Winter Feast For the Soul: Day 12

When I think about spiritual practice it’s easy for me to get caught up in the transcendent quality of spirituality.  Everything I read experience becomes a way of expanding my horizons and that’s a good thing.  However, I also believe that a spiritual practice isn’t just about transcendence, but about living a “good life”.  It’s a way my everyday life, not just something to aspire to on my way to nirvana.

As I sat in my studio, my sanctuary, I noticed that my body relaxed.  There weren’t any expectations other than the slow rocking motion of my hands bringing the needle and thread up through the cloth and then having it descend out of sight.  It’s like taking a big sigh and allowing my body to be in this relaxed state for the practice period.

I guess what I’m really saying (to myself) is that the practice doesn’t have to be ethereal, but practical.  It can simply be about enjoyment as well as enlightenment.  Let’s face it, I’m more receptive to everything when I’m relaxed and any way I can reach that level of relaxation is a good thing.

A part of me would like to get all high and mighty about the experience, but becoming more of me is just fine.  This doesn’t have to be about herding a flock or being responsible for anyone other than myself.  However, by sharing I can offer my experience without guiding you down a particular path. 

My hope is that you find you own path that brings you relaxation allowing your magnificence to shine through.

Blessings to you…


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