Winter Feast for the Soul: Day 16

Intellectually I know that life gets in the way.  Even when you have the best intentions and plans to support those intentions life gets in the way.  I’ve been working all week on finishing a group of art pieces for a show I’m having that begins on Monday.  The show had to be hung today in order to be ready for Monday.  It’s a good thing, in fact it’s a great thing, but it meant that certain aspects of my life had to shift for the day, and one of those things was my practice.

When I got home this afternoon it’s not as if I rushed to my studio to start my practice; in fact I didn’t know if I was going to engage in my practice today.  After a period of time I realized that not engaging in my practice today left a gap in my day.  There was something that was just enough out-of-step to make me take notice.

You would think that all the excitement of putting up the art show would override that feeling; but it didn’t.  I don’t know how much of this relates to my committing to engage in the 40 minutes for 40 days, or something that my consciousness relies on (I suppose) was missing.

The practice period didn’t have any huge revelations other than feeling like all the loose ends of the day have been tied up.  The gap seems to have closed and it’s if my soul is taking a big sigh.  Who would of thought any or all of this would be possible simply by stitching a piece of cloth.  How many other times have I or do I minimize the impact things, big or small, have on my life.

It’s time to wake up to possibility once again.  I got it today, but I may have to practice again tomorrow.

Blessings to you…


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