Winter Feast for the Soul: Day Seventeen

I guess what I was feeling during the practice period today was surprise.  I’ve been stitching on this piece of cloth for seventeen days and I have about 10 minutes of work left before the piece is stitched with the first layer.  I must say that this surprise at finishing this phase of the journey left me with a bit of anxiety.  It was too easy to begin worrying about how I would proceed with the piece and what did it mean to leave the first phase of the journey.

I wonder if people who play video games have this much angst when they are getting ready to move to another level.  My experience of gamers is that’s what they strive for, continually striving to make it to the next level and yet in life I know I’ve been content to stay at the level where my comfort level is acceptable and my anxiety level low.

Over the past few weeks I do see a shift and that shift is a bit about risk taking, but more about wondering what could be next.  I know in other venues I’ve often discussed the importance of leaving the words “if only” behind and focusing on “what’s next” but I don’t know how much I’ve taken it to heart, until now.

I’m getting the notion that you have to be in it to win it!  I have a deeper understanding of the phrase, “it works if you work it”.  There’s a deeper level of self-acceptance and understanding.  I’m getting what my mission is on a deeper level and sticking to the practice is helping to clarify what have been sticking points.

It’s interesting to see how life my life is evolving through establishing a practice.  Trust me, I don’t take it for granted since we’re only on day 17, but it ground under my feet feels firmer each day!

Blessings to you…


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