Winter Feast for the Soul: Day Eighteen

Cliches are great because they can capture a thought or sentiment in one phrase.  It doesn’t require long drawn-out passages, a simple statement and you’re done.  Here are two that are appropriate for today.  “Leap and the net will appear’ and “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.  They seem similar and in many ways they are, but for me, I had to release the anxiety and fear I discussed yesterday about ending the first phase of stitching on my piece.

When I walked in to my studio this morning to begin my practice I looked at the piece and automatically knew that the next phase was to put paint on the cloth.  The funny part about this step is that the paint may cover up the stitching, at least the color of the thread.  It will keep the texture and line available for me (and viewers in the future) to see.

I wish I had an explanation about why I knew this was phase two, but I can’t.  About five years ago I took a color class for quilters.  Every month we would study one particular aspect of color theory and then create a piece using that lesson.  It wasn’t unusual for me to pick the fabrics I wanted to use and leave them on the floor of the studio for a couple of days waiting for the fabric to speak to me.  Without fail after I had looked at the patterns and color for days I knew what the design would be.

Is there a whisper that my creative soul and psyche are more sensitive to as each day passes on this journey?  Is there an intuitive nature that knows the progression of my lessons?  How can I capture the security of “the knowing” and apply it to other areas of life, my relationships, my business, and of course my art.

I don’t have any clear cut answers today, but I’ll keep you in the loop as long as I keep myself in the loop!

Blessings to you…

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