Winter Feast for the Soul: Day Nineteen

Where does the time fly?  As I sit in my studio this morning all I can feel is relief.  Having passed the anxiety of what will come next on the cloth I’m experiencing a deep sense of freedom.  I could get ahead of myself and wonder what the next phase will be like, but I like the idea of lingering where I am now, progressing at a steady pace, no rushing, just enjoying the process.

I received a question last night during an interview at my art opening and the question was, “Do I plan out my pieces or is it an organic process?”  I like that question and it certainly meshes with my practice experience.  I find that my work is organic.  There aren’t any preconceived notions, no drawings, no plans, just allowing the cloth to speak for itself.  Okay, maybe I am a ventriloquist and I’m putting words to the cloth but that’s part of the process.

So what is it that I’m really trying to say this morning?  I have to stop over thinking things.  When I put too much emphasis on the question, “what might happen?”  how much am I losing what’s actually happening?  This isn’t about a time and space continuum, but a real life experience of my process.

I like this process stuff.  It keeps me focused on the matters at hand, both literally and figuratively.

Blessings to you…


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