Winter Feast for the Soul: Day Twenty

I had to postpone engaging in my practice till this afternoon.  Life does get in the way, and today was one of those days.  I had a bit of trauma/drama today and when I got home around noon I knew that I had to get to my sanctuary for my practice period. 

As I began my practice period I started to think about the day and the question that emerged was, “Is there a difference between giving up and giving in?”  They both have the word “giving” and each has a two-letter word following, but how do they differ and how does the difference impact my own life?

Giving up would mean abandoning the practice or whatever else I had committed.  It would mean that I had made a decision that the commitment wasn’t important, or I had talked myself out of the commitment’s importance.  It seems clear-cut, but what about times when the effort seems futile, is giving up a bad thing?  Does it make a judgment of my character?

Giving in for me is about surrender.  It makes me think of melting into something, becoming more of something.  It feels like somehow I’m incorporating things or assimilating lessons into my life.  “Giving In” for me is a form of surrender.  The surrender speaks and says “I can’t or shouldn’t go it alone in the world”.  There are people and resources to guide me if I’m willing to partake in the process and be a part of something larger than myself.

Some days I do believe “giving up” would be easier, but then what would I do?  Wouldn’t I have to find something else to commit to and once again wouldn’t I have to try to be “in it”?  As long as I’m not being harmed “giving in”, becoming more of something seems like the most beneficial at this point in time.

Blessings to you…


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