Winter Feast for the Soul: Day Twenty-One

I think I’m getting the hang of engaging in a consistent and dependable practice.  I’ve carved out time to practice since the feast of the soul began and I’m watching my mind, body, and spirit shift in the process.  What I’m most conscious of this morning is the idea of sinking in to a practice.  Sinking it and becoming comfortable as well as integrated with the practice process.

This idea of sinking in came while I was working on what is now phase two of the practice piece. It involves painting on the fabric.  I was laying the paint on to the fabric I was watching it sink in and bond with the cloth.  It was like opposites on a magnet, the two aspects seem to join together without a fight or struggle…it flowed.

Then I took a step back and was able to see how I have been sinking in to the practice.  It is becoming more natural, less contentious, and more inviting.  It’s a call I respond to on a daily basis and I do so with pleasure.  The process of sinking in is my mind, emotions, and spirit taking a sigh and allowing the tension to leave.  In this relaxed but conscious state I’m able to absorb more of what is going on internally and that is helpful throughout my day.

Although I’m sinking in I don’t feel like I’m melting and merging with the practice.  There is still a separation in the process, an individuation that keeps enough tension for creative solutions and experiences to emerge.

I like this process of sinking in because it’s effortless.  It helps me practice letting go without losing control.  It brings forth my need and desire for ongoing engagement with my own soul.

Blessings to you…


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