Winter Feast for the Soul: Day Twenty-Two

As a kid I was never very good at playing video games, even the old ones that we now call vintage were a challenge.  I used to blame it on my eye-hand coordination, but as I move through this practice period I believe it was something bigger than coordination.  I believe it was anticipation and excitement that clouded my judgment.  I believe it was my hurried nature to get to the next level of play.  Today I realize that it doesn’t matter what explanation I give to the shortcomings because there is an even bigger truth that has emerged.

I am experiencing what it’s like to be slow and steady.  The old saying, “Slow and steady wins the race” is personified as I move through these days of practice.  I’m not in a rush to get to the next phase of the work.  Today I finished the second phase of the cloth and it has been a natural progression.  I guess lessons from nature are good to follow and that lesson is everything has its own natural progression.

Throughout the practice period I’m finding that there is a natural unfolding to the work.  It’s not about judging the beauty, the amount finished, or the meaning of the work.  It’s simply about staying on the path long enough for the lessons to keep emerging.  This pattern of emergence is comforting and so far seems to be quite reliable.  I don’t have to force a lesson to appear; being ready for what shows up is more than enough.

As I begin to move through my day I’ll be mindful of keeping a steady pace, moving closer to the goals I set for myself personally and professionally.  I understand that by taking things in smaller chunks I get less overwhelmed and the organic process keeps laying more track for me to follow. 

Today I will embody “slow and steady”.

Blessings to you…


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