Winter Feast for the Soul: Day Twenty-Four

Do you see everything that exists?  How do you deal with the invisible in your life?  Are there forces present that are on the sensing level?  How do your feelings impact your decisions and your experiences?

I started asking these questions as I began the fourth phase of the practice piece.  I’m stitching around painted circles on the cloth.  I found I had a thread that matches the paint.  As I began stitching the cloth I didn’t see it at first.  I did a couple of circles and after a period of time what seemed invisible actually had an impact on the piece.  It made the circles stand out a bit more than before they were surrounded.

This got me to wonder about those things that are right in front of my face that I’m not conscious of and what makes me conscious of something in my sphere?  How is it that there are traces of experience that I overlook that impact how I live my life?  How does this happen with relationships both personal and professional?  How does this impact my business?  How does this impact my personal happiness?

Wouldn’t subtlety be nice?  I wonder how my life would be altered if I could tune in to nuance instead of the obvious in-your-face kinds of signs.  What steps do I need to take in order to become more sensitive to my surroundings?

Sobonfu Some speaks about the Dagara women and how their hair is the Universal receptor.  Many women in the culture shave their heads so they become less sensitive, alleviating being overridden with thoughts and input.  I don’t have very much hair so that’s not an option for me and besides I want to become more sensitive.  Rogaine and hair extensions are not an option so there has to be other means to this end.

The only one I can muster at this time is continued practice.  When I’m engaged in my spiritual practice I am more aware.  I am prone to experiencing the subtleties that surround me.  Now if I could do that throughout my day imagine the life I’d be living.

Blessings to you…


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