Winter Feast for the Soul: Day Twenty-Nine

Just when I thought everything was flowing beautifully I logged on and found that yesterday’s post was still listed as a draft.  Oh well, first things first, I posted day twenty-eight.  An easy task, and now I can proceed with today’s practice experience. I must say that a lot or not a lot can happen in twenty-four hours.  What started off as a crazy yesterday has melted in to a graceful today?

As I was stitching my sanctuary cloth I noticed that everything about the experience was easy.  The music was flowing, the needle was gliding, and I didn’t feel any tightness in my body or angst in my soul.  Don’t worry, I haven’t reached Nirvana yet, but I guess it’s a possible destination.

So what am I getting from the cloth?  Yes, the cloth is speaking, it has vibration and it shares that vibration with me (don’t worry; it’s not a medication issue).  The cloth is saying that when I fight the cloth it fights back and when I’m in the flow the cloth gives making the experience effortless.

I went to hear a friend of mine do a book reading last night.  Kim Rosen ( is an amazing poet and performance poet. Her book, Saved by a Poem, got me thinking about my own experience with my heart and soul.  She discussed the difference between memorizing a poem and learning it by heart.  It’s the embodiment that makes all the difference.  That’s how I’m feeling today; that the cloth is simply an extension of me.

It’s an amazing experience in those brief moments when I can give up the fight and simply be in a state of nonconfrontational cohabitation.  The question is how do I convert that practice experience into every day life experience?  I guess if I had that answer I’d be the new Oprah!

Blessings to you…


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