Winter Feast for the Soul: Day Thirty

Once again the weekly e-mail from the folks at Winter Feast for the Soul mentioned that they believe people have fallen away from the feast.  They shared that he number of downloads of the meditations down and a couple of other measurements, but what about those of us engaged in the practice who don’t rely on the meditations?  I read the e-mails that have words of encouragement, but I leave the meditations to myself.

Now let’s take it one step further…am I contagious?  Is there something within me or about me that has shifted over the past thirty days.  I always felt I had a spiritual life, but devoting myself to a practice and making that commitment of spending time every day in the studio, my sanctuary has become visible.  I kind of feel naked, and I guess on some level that’s good because that vulnerability breeds a deeper practice and a stronger commitment to continuing beyond the 40 day Feast.

Is it possible to leak enough of the lessons I’ve gained that it peaks the curiosity in others?  I’m thinking about what drew me to committing to the feast and the only answer I have is that the time was right and I was ripe for the picking.  I haven’t felt the practice commitment to be an imposition or a strain, but I do feel a bit compulsive about making sure I don’t skip a day. 

The folks at the Winter Feast did ask a good question for those of us still engaged.  They want to know if making and keeping this commitment has shown up in how I commit to other things in other parts of my life.  I can say with a big YES and AMEN that is the case.  I find the act of making a commitment is now really making a vow to me and that’s an important commitment to keep.  One day at a time takes on new meaning.

Blessings to you…


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