Winter Feast forthe Soul: Day Thirty-One

I’m on the move.  I’m taking a class this week in California so I had to think about my practice.  My practice is different someone who does yoga or tai chi because they only need themselves.  I have to bring things with me and the piece I’ve been stitching on for the past thirty days is too cumbersome to transport so I had to improvise.  I took extra precautions to make sure I had everything I needed to continue my practice.

So what am I getting from all this?  Spirit is wherever I am.  I don’t have to be in a specific place or doing something special, I’m more than enough.  I choose to continue the practice of stitching, but I could have engaged in any practice while away from home.  I guess part of is it the idea of object constancy, I get to bring a piece of home with me.  On the other hand isn’t home in my heart so it is wherever I am.

I felt a sense of accomplishment making sure I continued with my commitment.  I had a  ton of excuses in my head and some of them sounded convincing, but not enough to put down the needle.  So now the question is what about the idea of putting down roots?  If spirit is everywhere and I move around, is anywhere I go in alignment with my practice.  Isn’t the commitment of having a practice the act of devotion?

I’m still thinking about all of this.  I do know one thing, my posts and my practice time will be altered while I’m away so I’m practicing being flexible.

Blessings to you…

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