Winter Feast for the Soul: Day Thirty-Four

I guess it’s true that teachers come in all shapes and sizes.  What surprised me most this practice period is that the teacher doesn’t even need to have a heartbeat.   The teacher can be a tool that’s used and through a mind meld becomes a great teacher.  I’ll explain.

I began stitching the cloth and felt a bit of resistance.  I wasn’t in the mood to struggle with the piece or with the practice.  What I found was that the needle and thread became the teacher.  It was as if the needle and thread came to an understanding first with the cloth and then with my hand.  What happened next was a blessing; I experienced ease.  The needle began to glide through the layers of the  fabric as if they were doing a well choreographed dance and I was merely the spectator. 

At one point in the process I felt resistance and found myself holding my breath.  What I realized was that the cotton I was using breathes and it isn’t alive, so why aren’t I breathing.   It seems like a no brainer, but I obviously gave it some thought.  The cloth let me follow its lead and it was a great teacher.  You may believe that I’m simply anthropomorphizing the needle, thread, and cloth, but what I’m really doing is showing the connectivity between everything that exists.  I don’t have to believe I’m special simply because I’m human, everything can be special and nothing can be special; I guess that’s the take away from the practice.

I hope you find your teacher in the most surprising places; it makes the journey more fun!

Blessings to you…


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