Winter Feast for the Soul:Day Thirty-Six

Mirrors everywhere.  I see one thing in one arena and sure enough it seems to be mirrored in another arena…some may call that synchronicity.  I’m in the home stretch on the Winter Feast for the Soul and I entered the home stretch on my degree program.   There are only forty days in the feast and as you can see in the title this is day thirty-six.  When it comes to school I need twelve classes and today I finished class number ten (with number eleven starting in nine days). 

There is a unique experience when it comes to completing a goal, especially one that is important to you.  It’s about commitment, flexibility, willingness, and perseverence just to name a few characteristics.  When it comes to completing the feast the aspect that intrigues me the most is that I began the feast on lark.  I received the link from a friend and decided, why not?  I had no idea when I put my name and e-mail address in to the opt-in that I would become a diligent pilgrim on this path.

It has been a pilgrimage just as school has been a pilgrimage.  So when I reach my destination, what’s next?  The classes are only one part of my degree; I still have a dissertation to complete and defend.  Although the feast is ending my intention is to stay with the practice.  I find myself yearning to stitch on the cloth and that’s a new experience.  I created a portable altar in my transformational art class so I can bring my supplies with me wherever I go and I can set up a transient sanctuary no matter my location.

The feast has allowed me to be creative, not only in stitching the piece, but in finding alternatives to only stitching the cloth in my home studio.  It reinforces the idea that my practice goes with me wherever I go and that’s comforting.

Blessings to you…


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