Winter Feast for the Soul: Day Thirty-Eight

I completed my travels today and once again got to practice in my studio, my sanctuary.  Transitions are hard in general, but being on the road has a tendency to throw me a bit off-center.  That’s why having a practice and one that is portable has been so helpful.  It was wonderful this evening to return to the larger piece; it felt like a homecoming.  There is an innate comfort when I work on the larger piece.  Maybe it’s because it’s the place I started or simply because it exists.

The idea of a homecoming is wonderful.  Knowing that the piece is waiting for me to begin again is like getting re-acquainted with an old friend.  There is a dance we created together in the first thirty days and now I get to resume that dance.  It’s definitely an anchor and that anchor is helpful in keeping the meaning of commitment in the foreground of my life.  Even the piece I created during the transformational art program at school had a component that would allow me to place what’s most important in the moment in a place of honor so that it stays in my consciousness.

There are two days left in the Winter Feast for the Soul and I’m amazed at how quickly the days have passed.  The interesting thing is that I have no desire to measure or calculate the degree of completion on the piece I’m stitching.  I only have the desire to keep stitching and that’s a new experience for me.  I’ve often wondered if I missed being diagnosed with ADD, but as I see the focus, concentration, and commitment appears when I have something important and attention grabbing in my life. 

The bottom line is to keep up on the practice and continue experiencing the lessons the journey has to offer.

Blessings to you…


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