Winter Feast for the Soul: Day Thirty-Nine

Once again I decided to keep my practice period silent.  What I was keenly aware of was the sound of the thread passing through the three layers of fabric.  At times when the needle and thread passed through a patch with paint on the cloth there was almost a popping sound that emanated from the piece.  These little bursts of sound were engaging and created an on-again, off again rhythm to this morning’s practice.

One of the gifts from the Winter Feast for the Soul has been my resignation for achieving a desired outcome.  I’m not sitting in the studio, my sanctuary, awaiting some divine words of wisdom that will carry me through the day.  I’m simply allowing my own truth to bubble to the surface and make its presence known.  Am I beyond the desire for enlightenment?  If I follow Abraham Maslow’s pyramid and writings I should abandon the desire because he had only fifty people throughout history that he believed attained enlightenment.

I believe that if that’s the agenda then I have corrupted the practice period.  Learning to work without an agenda could be a stand-alone practice because it takes work.  It requires abandonment of a mode of operation that I’ve lived with for most if not all my life.  I wonder at times if it’s even possible to abandon an agenda.

According to Christian de Quincey the key is to move from experience to action.  Keeping belief and interpretations out of the mix is what creates a flow that mingles with a universal energy, or what he calls consciousness.  Does that make one enlightened?  This is why working to abandon the agenda is a practice and be in the moment without interpretation or planning is the context for moving my own practice forward.

Blessings to you…

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