Winter Feast for the Soul: Day Forty

The time has come to complete the Winter Feast for the Soul.  When I started the journey I had so many unknowns about the process.  Would I be able to stick to the practice?  What would it be like to engage in a dedicated practice?  What does he word commitment mean to me?  I could probably come up with another thousand questions that have gone through my mind during the feast, but for now let’s just say everything is still in process.

When thinking about a feast, of course my mind rushes to food.  More precisely I ask if I’m at a feast at what point do I become satiated?  When do I know if and when I’ve had enough?  Can you really over indulge in spiritual practice?  So the real question is how am I feeling today?  I can tell you it doesn’t feel as if I’ve over-eaten, and I’m certainly not starving so if there’s a way this can be on a continuum I guess for today I’m content.

What is it about the number forty that’s so provocative?  The Jews spent forty years in the desert, being Jewish I can resonate with that connection.  It’s just beyond the point where behaviorists say that engaging in a new behavior creates a new habit, so is this about creating a spiritual habit?  Can you really hang your hat on a habit?

The feast for the soul did encourage me to be proactive in my daily life.  I found that if I can make time for my practice I can probably make time for most other things that are important.  That means that it has helped me claim my priorities and weed out those things I thought were important, but are really extraneous.

It’s been a wonderful journey and if you’re wondering if I’ll continue, the answer is yes.  I don’t see the end of the feast, the crossing of the forty day finish line as an end, but a beginning.  It’s a continuation of the story so we’ll see where the stitch leads me.  I practice what I stitch; that’s a good motto, maybe even a mantra.  See you on the next part of the pilgrimage.

Blessings to you…


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