Creating My Own Course

The Winter Feast for the Soul has finished so this is my first day without trying to keep myself on the path of forty posts in forty days.  Now it’s all on me, with my hands doing the work and my heart being open and receptive to whatever chooses to appear.

What’s going to get in my way of keeping up with the practice?  If I had all day I would begin my laundry list of reasons or excuses for why I would miss a day of my practice, but it’s not very interesting and in most cases not very believable.  It’s interesting that I know right from the start the challenges I’m going to face in keeping up the practice so at least I can call myself on my own stuff.  There aren’t any illusions of being perfect, but I do feel inclined to keep myself aligned with my commitment(s).

Is everything connected?  If I miss a day doing my practice is something in my Universe going to fall out of balance?  It’s a possibility, but I don’t have any way of knowing the answer until after I miss a day.  I guess my biggest fear is that missing a day would be like starting a diet.  Once you miss the start date you push it off to the next most convenient day like next Monday or the beginning of a new month, or after New Year’s Eve.  If I miss a day when would be the best day to start again?  The very next day, and that’s something I can live with as I move forward with my practice.

I must say I was tempted to miss today since I had a traumatic dentist appointment, one of many to come.  I could have shrunk away and resumed tomorrow, but I felt a pull to get into the studio, even if only for a couple of minutes.  I did go and I did stitch, and I do feel better.  I don’t have any illusions of the future, I simply have my past successes and that’s a great beginning.


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