We’ve all seen the movies where someone is stranded in the desert and finally comes upon an oasis with the ever famous palm tree.  It’s a life saver and for the person who has been crawling through the desert it represents hope.  Getting to that place with a practice is just like that scenario.  Finding a way to bring hope to my day is a great way for the day to begin.

My dogs haven’t gotten the gist of “the weekend”.  They believe that every day is the same so getting up early is their modus operandi.  I fed them and then they went out and I got my cloth ready for my morning practice.  I didn’t go to my studio but decided to sit at the kitchen table.  The dogs came in, the cats started to play and I stitched.  Even with a bit of craziness around me the practice of stitching kept me present.  There was a flow to the stitching that didn’t get interrupted.  I found myself in a protective bubble allowing me to continue on my journey.

This was an important lesson for me as things continue to escalate on the crazy scale.  Knowing that I can create this oasis anywhere and everywhere is a blessing.  It’s also reassuring that the outcome of the practice isn’t relegated to a specific place and time.  The possibility that calm can be invoked is part of the creative process.  There is an experience of empowerment and connection with place of quiet in my soul.

I’m constantly in awe of the process.  I’m convinced that I’m not looking for solutions, but looking for how the process of practice can make enormous shifts in consciousness that can be generalized to everyday life.

I’m not sure how I got to this point, but I’m glad I embarked on the journey.  I do believe being in contact with those who also have a practice reinforces not the practice, but the outcomes of a practice because their journey often mirrors my own.  It’s all about the process.


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