The Seesaw We Call Life

Another early morning and once again I choose to do my practice in full view of the household.  It’s quiet except for the animals, the sun is out, and I can settle in working on my portable altar piece.  I prepare my materials as a surgeon prepares his scalpels and begin the process.

I’m particularly aware of the up and down nature of things.  I thought about the dogs wanting to go in and then out, repeatedly.  The up and down of flying in a plane.  The back and forth when I pace trying to come to a resolution on a particular issue.  The in and out of stitching through the cloth.  All of these create a rocking motion that could be soothing, almost like a rocking motion, but I get in the way attributing meaning that may or may not exist (see I did it again right now!).

It’s interesting to think that so many of us, me included, strive for balance and yet there are cultures where imbalance is the beauty.  I find it intriguing that asymmetry is what’s beautiful in art because theory says it creates more interest.  Personally I believe the beauty is in the tension the imbalance creates and it’s a challenge that the brain, heart, and soul try to resolve leading to a creative process.

I know all this back and forth, up and down, in and out can wreak havoc on all parts of my life.  I’ve become aware when I’m leaning too far in one direction, not that I’m want to get back to center necessarily, but I also don’t want to topple over…that would be disastrous.

I remember from my childhood being on the seesaw and being conscious of who was sitting on the other end.  You didn’t want to someone too much lighter than you because I’d either have to work too hard or sit on the ground.  If I had someone who was much heavier than me I had the possibility of being propelled into orbit.  So balance may not be the ideal, but there is a range that keeps me from going to far in any one direction.  A self-correction mechanism that allows me the freedom and flexibility to explore without being annihilated. 

The goal is to keep on keepin’ on.


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