It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and now I have to share that the posts for the next few months will be about knitting.  I’m living in San Antonio (SA) till the end of the year.  I flew here from Denver so I don’t have a car so transporting a sewing machine would have been difficult.  I decided to go to the knitting store today and get myself a pattern to keep myself occupied over the next few months.

I found the Yarn Barn, and brought a pattern for a shawl.  I wanted to use Cascade 220, cost and feel, and they have a full selection of colors.  Beverly the store manager was great.  She told me all about the knitting scene in SA and made me feel very welcome.

Now for the best part…I got to go back to the apt. and casted on for the shawl I’m hoping to finish before I get back home.  Being a transplant in a new city means finding people who understand you and share your interests.  I find it a grounding energy to find a knitting store or a quilt shop because they speak my language.  They are encouraging and supportive, making the temporary transition easier. 

Resuming a meditative practice like knitting also grounds me.  It provides me with balance after my very long days at work.  It provides me with an inner entertainment so I don’t rely on a television which is good because I don’t have one here in SA.  It also means I’m making something with my own two hands and that’s always a blessing.

I’ll bring you more from the road.  Let me know the impact that knitting has on your life.


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