As So it Begins…Day One

It’s that time of year when we join forces around the globe to begin the Winter Feast for the Soul.  I started doing the Winter Feast for the Soul about four years ago.  It’s an opportunity for people around the globe to consciously and collectively engage in forty minutes of spiritual practice for forty days.  Along with my practice I try to document my insights and my how I am moving along on my personal pilgrimage.

I’ve known this day was coming for weeks and as I prepared for the beginning of my conscious pilgrimage you would think that I would be set to go when I sat down for my first day of this magnificent spiritual force in the Universe.  I always choose to take a piece of cloth and transform it through hand stitching.  I usually use a machine when I create art quilts, but for the feast I always find it more meaningful when I do the work by hand.

I entered my studio which I consider to be my sanctuary and thought I would get started right away as if it were second nature.  I painted the piece about 2 years ago and it has been sitting around waiting for me to approach it with a conscious desire to engage it in some meaning manner, and that day arrived.

The most surprising part of the experience was my lack of surety.  I approached the piece and as I gazed and the color and the pattern I felt conflicted.  I had some type of preconceived notion of how I’d work the piece and when it came to touch the cloth and begin the stitching I felt an inner resistance.  There was a voice in my head that was questioning my assumptions and preconceived notions.

I pulled out a variety of threads and actually started to stitch, only for find myself putting on my internal brakes, ripping and the stitches and deciding to begin again.  I threw my preconceived plans out the window and allowed myself to simply be one with the piece and without hesitation my hands knew how to guide the thread and the needle.

For today, in this moment, allowing myself to abandon my preconceived plans provided me with freedom that made my practice today that much richer.  Hope I can carry this lesson with me on the journey!


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