Some Learn Lessons Earlier Than Others

Winter Feast For the Soul…Day 3

Last night I was watching Oprah Winfrey’s Master Class.  The guest of the evening was Goldie Hawn and the format is just her with the camera.  It’s structured so the guest can discuss their life and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

During her share, Hawn told a story about being a dancer and getting ready to perform in the third grade when the teacher said something that shook her to the core.  The teacher told her (and the other students) that they had to be perfect.  It’s interesting that someone so young could know that perfection can’t be attained.  She heard this statement and immediately didn’t want to even attempt to dance because she knew she wasn’t perfect.

It wasn’t until she discussed this event with her mother that things turned around and she danced her heart out, doing the best she could.  She learned at a young age that trying to attain perfection isn’t possible and the attempt futile.  Let’s face it, even Adam was missing a rib.

As I began working on my meditation piece I noticed about 10 minutes into the meditation that the stitches we crooked.  There was a split second when I considered ripping the stitches out and getting them to align more “perfectly”.  Goldie Hawn’s words whispered to me and I made a point of continuing.  The next couple of stitches were a bit difficult because the tendency is to want to focus on the crooked stitch.  It does everything but hold a neon sign over itself, testing me to see what I would do.

In the end I simply continued stitching and let go of the need for it to be perfect, or even close to perfect.  The time I am stitching isn’t about perfection; it’s about peace.  It’s about engaging my heart, soul, and hands in a process to deeper my understanding of myself and the world I live.

It’s nice to know that this type of lesson didn’t take something more horrific to learn.  Today I know that my lack of need and desire to attain perfection is what actually makes me perfect in the Universe!


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