One into One

Winter Feast for the Soul…Day 4

One of the things I do when I engage in my stitching practice is listen to music that moves me.  I’ve listened to this music for the past four years during the Winter Feast for the Soul.  It was actually a free CD I received in a copy of Spirituality and Health Magazine.

There is a song on the CD that has the words, “One into One” repeated over and over throughout the song.  It starts off slow and is sung faster and faster as the song continues.  The actual song is “Echad B’Echad” by Yofi Yah.

I was listening to this song getting caught up in the rapture of the repetitive verse and looked down at the piece of my attention.  The design on the cloth is a spiral.  It’s a red background with a gold spiral.  The design I chose to stitch over and over as the first layer for the piece are spirals.  It’s like eternity punctuating eternity.  If you follow the spiral it’s possible to continue forever; a journey that varies depending on if you’re making the journey from the center to the outer edges of the spiral or from the tail end (if that’s possible) of the spiral toward the center.

As I listened to the song I realized that this is the destiny for this piece.  The spirals are the continuation of a never-ending story; my never-ending story.  I talk about stories and the idea that our story can continue beyond the life of our physical body is an incredible thought.

When working on the piece over the next thirty-six days, I’ll be sure to incorporate a moment of focus on the spiral.  I’ll pay tribute and honor the opportunity to follow the lead of the spiral and continuously expand my realm of possibility.  Although confined to the edges of the fabric; the energy in my heart and soul can reach far beyond the edges of the cloth and hopefully will touch the hearts and souls of others!


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