Melancholy in the Air

Winter Feast for the Soul…Day 5

I received a text from a friend this evening describing a difficult life situation.  He feels very alone in the world and to top it all off there was some miscommunication between us making him feel even more alone.  One of the last texts of the evening he said, “I’m glad to know you’re on my side”.  It’s a great thing to know that people are in your corner when times are tough; and even better when times are good.  Knowing that people care enough to think about you even when you’re not together or miles apart is an amazing feeling.  I know this first hand being that I travel away from home for months at a time.

There just seems to be a melancholy in the air over the past few days and while listening to one piece of music this evening it hit me very hard.  I never interpreted the music as being sullen before this evening, but that’s the filter I’m using today.  As I began to stitch the work I thought about each stitch in the spiral and what it means to me today.  It felt like every stitch was a tear falling down the cheek of someone I know.  One of my dear friends had a death in her family this week, one friend is facing foreclosure of a home, my dog is dealing with tremendous pain due to an injury, and of course the situation in the world is not exactly happy.

The spirals make me think of water going down a drain.  In the case of this evening it’s the pooling of all the tears falling from those in some type of hardship or pain.  It caught me by surprise, but once I settled in it was quite pronounced.  I hope you find people who are in your corner who will do what they are capable of to make your difficult time easier.  Working on the piece this evening allowed me to steep the piece in the sadness around me just as an empath would absorb the pain of others.  Fortunately, the cloth is absorbent both literally and figuratively.

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