One Step at a Time

It has been quite a while since I wrote an  entry on this site.  I had been traveling and away from my art studio but I’m back and believe it or although I work in my studio; I haven’t created anything one would consider art.  As I sit in my studio, I began thinking about everything I do that’s artistic or is about my own ultimate self-expression.  My studio serves two purposes, as an art and design studio, and as my writing space.  I’m currently in the midst of the largest piece of art I’ve ever created, my doctoral dissertation.

I’m fortunate to have found a topic that I’m madly, truly, deeply in love with and I’m supported by my friends, family, and mentors.  My dissertation is in Art and Healing.  I’m exploring how in the lives of artists with a life-threatening illness, how they’re art defines, examines, and helps make meaning in their lives.  I’ll be interviewing artists who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and hopefully they will share their art with me during the interview process.  I believe this research will provide insight into meaning making about our lives, and not just for those with a chronic or life-threatening illness.

My hope is to share my creative journey, both in actual art making and in writing my dissertation.  I want to share anything and everything that I find to be a creative venture in my life because I believe the more I share my story, the more everyone in the world will share their story.  I love stories!  I think stories are not only a way of conveying information, but they are a life force!  Stories of our lives move the Universe and shape every molecule.  Our stories are intimate and make us vulnerable when we share them with others; that creates community and relationships.

I share this journey because I have to share my story.  I share this journey because our lives are creative processes and anyone who reads these posts is part of that creative journey.  I want you to co-create this journey just as each piece of a quilt helps to make a greater whole!  See you on the journey!


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