George Balanchine is Profound

I love watching dancers dance.  The summer is great because “So You Think You Can Dance” is on the air and along with phenomenal contestants; they always have outstanding dance guests perform.  Last night Benjamin Millapied’s dance troop LA Dance Project performed.  It’s amazing what happens when a group of people come together, train together, rehearse together and perform together how intentional each movement is in the choreography.  The performance was magical, unfortunately the dance troop isn’t performing anywhere close to where I live or will be traveling in the coming months.

It was following a contestant’s performance when Nigel Lythgoe, the show’s executive producer, stated,”George Balanchine used to say, ‘I don’t want dancers that want to dance.  I want dancers that have to dance”.  I grabbed for my pen and scribbled those profound words down because they capture what it’s like for any artist.  We don’t just want to create, we have to create!

It doesn’t matter the medium you choose, but as Twyla Tharp used to say, “we all have a creative DNA”.  It’s that “creative DNA” that infuses every decsion about our creative endeavors.  I find it incredible because I am always thinking about color and texture.  I may not have a piece I’m create for an exhibition, but I’m looking at how it will be reflected in decor throughout my home, or the pictures and ink I used to write in my journal.  I can’t think without thinking about color!

As I move forward on my dissertation, I’m continuously reminded that the goal, aside from completion, is to further my platform to teach.  I believe we haven’t focused enough on the healing impact of art and that through my research we’ll have a deeper understanding of how art allows us to create meaning in our lives.  I teach because I have to; it’s in my blood, always in my consciousness, and directs every action in my life.  Sharing my experiences, what I’ve learned through trial and error, extensive reading, and exposure to art or all types is what continuously propels me on this mission.

What is it that you “have to do” in your life?  How do you express that inner drive, passion, and life mission?


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