Hidden in the Night

I couldn’t sleep last night so I got up and read for a while.  After reading, in hopes of making me sleepy, I decided to watch television.  As I scanned the menu I noticed a show on the Ovation channel.  The show was titled “Art in Progress” and it followed the work/exhibit of some very famous artists.  I was in shock to see this show on television; I’d never heard of it.

The first show chronicled a joint husband and wife art show of Anthony Caro and Sheila Girling.  Caro’s outdoor sculptures paired with Girling’s paintings indoors was a great combination.  At the time filming the show, the couple had been married for 57 years and this was the first time they had a show together, each trying not to overshadow the work of the other prior to this exhibition.

The second episode was showing the work of Fred Tomaselli.  His work was colorful and provocative.  It was thoughtful and inspiring.  I was taken with Tomaselli’s intricate designs and the thoughtful planning that went into each piece of work.  I was inspired and ecstatic to be filled with visions of his colorful work.

I guess what I was surprised about was that the show “Art in Progress” felt hidden.  Perhaps I hadn’t looked very hard in the past, but I’ve never seen anything written about it nor any advertisements.  It felt hidden, but I feel like I unearthed a hidden treasure.

I turned to the television menu in search of other art related shows and lo and behold, I found one other.  I’m recording it and I’ll let you know about what I find down the road.

I don’t know about you, but seeing the journey and techniques of other artists is critical to my own creative endeavors.  When I watch an artist’s process I’m engaged in my own creative journey.  I’m able to explore the methodologies of these artists, who are new to me, and see how their techniques would complement or challenge my current methods of working.


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