With An Outstretched Arm

There are times when I’m engaged in my meditation that I begin to chuckle. It’s not a common experience for many during their meditation, but some things just strike me as peculiar or comical and a little giggle emanates from my being; tonight was one of those times.

I was preparing my needle and thread for my stitch meditation. I’m a little lazy at times and use a longer piece of thread than one would most likely use for hand stitching because I don’t want to stop and rethread the needle. Tonight I cut off a piece of thread from the spool, threaded the needle and on the first stitch watched as my arm pulled the thread, extending and extending till I reached the end. I felt like I was reaching for the stars, or trying to accomplish a one-handed catch of a football like that amazing NFL play.

As I was pulling the thread all I could think of was the saying in the bible about God having an outstretched arm. Don’t get me wrong; I in no way, shape, or form have a God complex. It did get me thinking about what happens when we have an outstretched arm. Who do we want to protect or soothe with our outstretched arm? What are we trying to reach either literally or figuratively with an outstretched arm? What does it mean to me to stretch beyond what I think are my limits?

It’s these kinds of questions that pop into my head as I inhale while taking a stitch and exhaling when I’m pulling the thread through the fabric. It’s amazing what surfaces when I give myself the time and space to be with me. It’s easy to want to skip a day, and I’m sure I’ll grapple with that in the weeks to come. Today I’m grateful for this time, the fabric, the stitch, and for what’s possible with an outstretched arm!

Two down, thirty-eight to g


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