It’s Elementary

Decided to use my knitting as my meditation for the evening. I love getting into the rhythm of the stitch, as the piece grows longer with each row. I love it until I get to the end of the row and I’m missing a stitch or the sequence of stitches is off and I have to take out the row.

I’ve been known to ask myself, “How can this happen? How is it that I can’t count to eight? I have a Bachelors degree, a Masters degree, and a PhD and the number eight seems to elude me.” I may be smart, but that doesn’t mean I’m conscious or present while I’m knitting.  I may be smart but my focus has transcended the work at hand for what it believes is more important and actually is just taking up valuable space in my head.

It’s at these times that I realize how important being present is, not only to knitting, quilting, or other artistic expression, but also in everything I do. When I’m present with people I have fewer misunderstandings. When I’m present in my work I make fewer mistakes. When I’m present in my community I feel connected and supported.

Being present isn’t rocket science; it’s the means to an end. It’s the path to a less complicated and stressful life. In my life when I’m present I have fewer darker moments. I have the capacity to replenish the resources I need to take on the challenges that come my way in this crazy world.

I hope that over the course of this year’s Winter Feast for the Soul that I can work on being present. I’m setting the intention to be present with each stitch, every stroke of the paintbrush, and every letter I type in my posts. I can tell that I’m present because I haven’t had to use the backspace key because I’m Here!!

Three down, thirty-seven to go!


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