Hildegard of Bingen, Chinese Food, And Meditation…What a Combo!

If you’re wondering if I’m sitting in a five-star restaurant attempting to meditate and write this, I can assure you that is not the case. I’m safe in my temporary home (working on the road for a few months) in a quite and comfortable space. However, I did finish dinner before my mediation session and that got me thinking about food. If it weren’t enough that I was enjoying my meal, I was reading Hildegard of Bingen: A Saint For Our Times, by Matthew Fox

While I was reading about Hildegard, my appetite for her visions, her art, her poetry, and her medical advice grew in direct proportion to my feel satiated with my meal. I began to think about my reading as my appetizer for my “feast for the soul”. Once I was finished with my appetizer, I moved on to my main course, the actual meditation. Getting lost in the sumptuous experience of watching the needle and thread glide through the fabric was serene. It allowed for the quiet in the room to become quite loud.

Having finished my main course, the meditation, naturally it’s time for dessert. The time in the meal when I look back on the experience while feasting on some uber delectable sweet. That’s exactly how I feel about writing this post at the conclusion of my meditation session. My body feels that I’m giving it that little extra something pushing the entire experience over the top. It gives the feeling of being decadent, but in a soulful way.

It’s as if my soul has just complete a three-course gourmet meal for body, mind, and spirit. I’ve got that feeling of fullness that one can only hope accompanies replenishing the energy to your soul system. I hope you give yourself the gift of a sumptuous soulful gourmet meal and if you haven’t already join me on the “Winter Feast for the Soul”.

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