What I Wouldn’t Give to be Back in Kindergarten

I love school! I could be in school for the rest of my life. My mother always promised me that if she won the lottery I could go to school forever (and yes she plays the lottery). I’ve spent many years engaged in intensive study of the topics I love and it has certainly been time well spent. However, as I sit here tonight, in my time of meditation, all I can think about is being back in kindergarten.


I spent the evening cutting out circles from a piece of fabric I recently bought. I thought instead of stitching tonight I would take my pair of scissors and with the highest intention, cut out a group of circles out of the whole cloth. The back of the fabric has been lined with an adhesive so in time I’ll affix them to the background fabric and continue my stitching journey.

The time I spent cutting the circles was effortless. It was so carefree that I didn’t care if I cut outside the lines of the circle. I reveled in the glory of the circle! The circle is my favorite shape. If you look at any of my works of art you’ll see a lot of stitched circles in the pieces. I find stitching circles to be comforting and definitely a rhythmic event during my quilting process.

Knowing that I will be working with circles makes me smile. As I cut out the circles all I could do was breathe into the circle. It’s like those folks who smoke who can blow a ring and everyone is amazed at the circle of smoke in the air, I got caught up in the circle. I’m mesmerized by the unending pattern a circle represents. It’s a time when it makes me think of silly things like Spaghetti O’s or doughnuts or bracelets.

Angeles Arrien, the noted anthropologist, wrote a book about the five universal signs across cultures. She shared her observations that we’re each attracted, drawn, connected to one of the five shapes as our primary shape and what how that connects to our lives; obviously mine is the circle!

I’m grateful for this kindergarten flashback. I need to think of ways of reconnecting to that effortless spirit and play more with the circle!


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