And the Beat Goes On!

I resumed listening to Gregorian chant music while meditating. I find it very relaxing and creates an ethereal feeling while I’m meditating. The high angelic tones make me thing of the music in huge cathedrals with the echoes reverberating throughout the building.

I find music to be a healing and centering energy force. I listen to certain music to create a mood, change a mood, inspire me, antagonize me, and just to have fun. Listening to this religious inspired music creates a sanctuary no matter where I am. It gives me the presence of mind to concentrate on what’s right in front of me as well as allowing my body to release the negative energy it doesn’t need to function at its highest level.

My meditation music is very different from my art music. If you are ever in my neighborhood passing by my house on a Saturday evening in the summer when I have the windows open and I’m working in my studio you will hear the thump of disco. There is a local radio station in Denver that plays disco music between 7pm and midnight allowing me to feel the groove in my studio. I’ve even found myself stitching to the music

Having the time to focus on my stitch meditation with music accompaniment infuses the stitch with the melody. It gives me inspiration and provides a soothing flow to the work. The purity of the sound and the harmonies soothe my soul. They create a platform for quieting my mind and allowing me the freedom to experience my breath with melodic accompaniment. I find myself taking deeper breaths when I’m engaged in meditation and my breath seems to mirror the swelling of the musical interludes.

If you need to feel as if you’re floating down a river, or passing by while sitting on a cloud then Gregorian chant (or any music that gives you peace) is a great choice. When you give yourself the gift of time, quiet, and deep breathing you energize your body, mind, and spirit.

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