Winter Feast for the Soul 2017: Day 5 Agitation

What happened to the concept that meditation is supposed to be calming, soothing, and peaceful. I can’t explain it but when the unexpected happens it’s quite a surprise. I’ve had a pleasant day. I listened to a couple of podcasts, picked up some supplies for a piece of art I’m creating, went to the quilt shop where I helped someone on their color selections and then it was time for my daily meditation.

The meditation started off the same way it does every day with a centering. I turn the music on and begin the work at hand allowing my mind to allow whatever it wants to encounter. Ten minutes into the meditation I began to get a little edgy. I was concentrating on my breathing and doing the detail work of cutting out the shapes for my meditation piece. As the minutes went by the edginess shifted to annoyance, and that finally resulted in agitation.

I decided to get out of Asia (the genre of music I was listening to) and shift my attention to Africa. I began listening to the CD “African Drums”. The tempo shifted, the beat shifted, and every so often there was a chant like phrase. I was in the groove. I felt like I was in a kayak and the music was propelling me down the river. I was able to overcome the blockage and allow the thoughts to emerge, even thinking about agitation.

The music wasn’t the cause of the agitation, but it did add grit to what already existed. I’ve watched the movie, “Eat, Pray, Love” and know that I should be able to meditate, have a fly land on my face, and it not impact my meditative practice. When I become a yogi, guru, or Obi Wan Kenobi then I’ll worry about stillness and averting distraction. Today I’ll focus on what I’m capable of and that is working on being present, in my body, and sending healing energy out to the world. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.


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